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The Wichita Academy of Pharmacists Scholarship Program

Founded in 2017, the mission of the Wichita Academy of Pharmacists (WAP) Foundation is to invest in the development of pharmacists and the community by providing educational opportunities, student scholarships and philanthropic aid.


Scholarship Criteria:

  1. Must be a student currently enrolled in a college/school of pharmacy

  2. Must be in good academic and professional standing

  3. Must have either a home or permanent address in Kansas

  4. Must demonstrate academic, leadership and/or service activities


To Apply for the Scholarship:

  1.  Return all application material as an email sent to wichitarphfoundation@gmail.comApplication must be emailed no later than September 30th.

  2. Complete the enclosed Application Cover Sheet

  3. Provide two professional references on the Application Cover Sheet with their relationship to you and contact information (email and phone number). 

  4. Provide a Personal Statement.   Your Personal Statement must not exceed one page in length.  The Personal Statement is your opportunity to provide additional information for consideration by the WAP Foundation Board.  You may use your statement to highlight your special interests, talents, goals or unique experiences.  Your Personal Statement may include any of the following:

    1. Discuss your pharmacy work history or experience

    2. List or discuss extracurricular activities demonstrating academic, leadership and service to the pharmacy program, profession and/or community

    3. Discuss your goals for pharmacy practice upon graduation

    4. Discuss your philosophy of pharmacy practice

  5. Application must include a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).


All completed scholarship applications are due by September 30th.  Applications will be evaluated and the scholarship recipient(s) selected by the members of the Wichita Academy of Pharmacists (WAP) Foundation Board of Directors.  Recipient(s) will be notified of the decision by October 31st.  The presentation of the Scholarship will be made at the Wichita Academy of Pharmacists meeting in November. 

2022 Scholarship Winner 2.jpg

2022 WAP Foundation Scholarship Co-Recipients

2022 Scholarship Winner.jpg
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